What is LinkingCode?

LinkingCode is a Project whose mission is to provide developers help by reducing the development time.
On the medium and large projects is common that the developers lose the thread of a particular functionality when they oversee the source code of the programs, this is usually by the large number of processes available to some programs. To address these programs would be advisable to have a flowchart of the processes, some projects this flowchart is presented on paper (as Warniers), the LinkingCode will present it graphically on the screen and according the processes that have the program.

What do I need?

To start using LinkingCode is only necessary to have an interpreter for java 1.5 or higher. Usually the most current operating systems already have a compatible interpreter, if you use Oracle utilities could be required the Oracle client.

To use the services of LinkingCode are necessary perform the following steps:

Go to Distribution page, accept the licence agreement and download the version that you wish. This Plugin has some generic library that uses the LinkingCode, some configuration files and a small program (LinkingCode) who shall start the LinkingCode.